Transforming teaching in a digital world: From determinism to democracy?

Emma Bond


In the past few years we have witnessed significant changes in Higher Education (HE) in a drive to transform education through technology. Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) has become a taken-for-granted assumption in HE which masks existing divides and the diversity of learning experiences. This paper considers education in the digital world and challenges some of the dominant educational assumptions to argue that we need to adopt a more democratic approach to understanding the relationship between technology and teaching in HE. As educational ideologies have changed from the more traditional notions based on a hierarchical transfer of knowledge to more democratic, inclusive and participatory approaches, we need to develop better understanding of the complex inter-relationships within the sociotechnical networks. Drawing on Actor Network Theory (ANT) this paper calls for a more democratic lens with which to view the relationship between technology and education in a digital world and proposes that we should adopt a more ecological approach.

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