Lifelong Learning Comes of Age: Intergenerational Perspectives

Alexandra Withnall


Although subject to considerable debate, the potential of lifelong learning to promote social inclusion and cohesion within ageing populations, means that it has come to feature in range of policies at all levels. Within this framework, inter-generational learning has a particular appeal. However, different concepts of generation have spawned a diverse literature. There is also an expanding range of accounts of practice in different countries. New forms of intergenerational learning such as acquiring digital literacy skills and new settings such as universities and the workplace are discussed. It is argued that what is now required is an appropriate theoretical framework within which to explore emerging issues together with better insights into cognitive changes as people age. Questions of knowledge transmission and power and the need for cultural sensitivity in intergenerational learning are also addressed. It is concluded that intergenerational learning has much to offer within the context of lifelong learning.

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