'Disciplinarized knowledge': theoretical articulations in the field of the Curriculum

Carmen Teresa Gabriel, Marcia Serra Ferreira


The text aims to examine more closely the theoretical articulations that we have produced regarding the notion of ‘disciplinarized knowledge’, resignifying two concepts (‘school subject’ and ‘school knowledge’), which, in dialogue with Stuart Hall, we understand as being ‘under erasure’. Perceiving the extent to which the struggles over these signifiers in the field of the Curriculum have been marked by a swinging movement crossed by the signification process of the term ‘science’, we seek to produce other hegemonies and antagonisms. This movement produces effects of power on the constitution of school culture. Among these effects, it interests us to highlight those that have the most direct effects on the understanding of the processes of producing, distributing and organizing what has been legitimized and validated as an object of teaching in Brazilian basic education. In dialogue with Michel Foucault and Ernest Laclau, driving us towards the notions of ‘power’ and ‘politics’, operating with the instability of every theoretical framework and its direct implication in the sedimentation and/or reactivation of meanings. In this perspective, we produced the notion of ‘disciplinarized knowledge’, understood here as resulting from an articulatory practice (Ernest Laclau & Chantal Mouffe) and, simultaneously an alchemical practice (Thomas Popkewitz).

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